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Re: VMware and Fedora

On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 11:19 -1000, Warren Togami wrote:
> Running FC2 Test3 and higher in VMWare is broken because VMWare needs to 
> implement vdso.  For now you can use "vdso=0" boot option.  It works for 
> me when running FC2 Test3 within VMWare 4.5.1 hosted on FC2 Test3.

Thanks (again) Warren - will try that.

Meanwhile, back at the Mozilla page, just found the following on the
VMware fora:
VMWare 4.5.1 on Windows XP: NOT_IMPLEMENTED 602 (7568)  
Posted: Apr 30, 2004 12:14 PM

I have installed VMWare Workstation 4.5.1 on Windows XP Pro SP1. When I
try to setup Fedora Core 2 Test 3, I have got the following "NOT
IMPLEMENTED" error when the installer installs the package of kernel
2.6.5 (Copied from the error log generated):

Apr 30 03:35:08: vcpu-0| MONITOR PANIC: NOT_IMPLEMENTED
Apr 30 03:35:08: vcpu-0| Core dump with build build-7568
Apr 30 03:35:08: vcpu-0| Writing monitor corefile "E:\My Documents\My
Virtual Machines\Other Linux\vmware-core.gz"
Apr 30 03:35:08: vcpu-0| Setting vaddr to 0
Apr 30 03:35:08: vcpu-0| Beginning monitor coredump
Apr 30 03:35:09: vcpu-0| End monitor coredump
Apr 30 03:35:09: vcpu-0| Writing anonymous pages at pos: 401000
Apr 30 03:35:11: vcpu-0| Msg_Post: Error
Apr 30 03:35:11: vcpu-0| [msg.log.monpanic] *** VMware Workstation
internal monitor error ***
Apr 30 03:35:11: vcpu-0| NOT_IMPLEMENTED at 602 (7568)
Apr 30 03:35:11: vcpu-0| 
Apr 30 03:35:11: vcpu-0| Code:

It seems that the monitor has got some problem and VMWare soon hung. 

This error can also be produced if I upgrade a Fedora distribution with
the 2.6.5 kernel from the development tree of Fedora. The error comes
out when Fedora starts "Redhat Nash..."

Is there any workarounds that avoiding such error pops up? Thanks!


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Looks like VMware on Windoze suffers from the same problem I reported
for an FC1 host with an FC2T3 guest.

And a reply from Petr Vandrovec (the vmware-any-any patch guy):
Re: VMWare 4.5.1 on Windows XP: NOT_IMPLEMENTED 602 (7568)
Posted: Apr 30, 2004 1:19 PM

Besides not using that kernel? No.

Intel documentation says that SYSENTER should be used only to return to
segment with limit 0xFFFFFFFF - but your RedHat kernel attempts to use
0xBFFFFFFF (probably they applied some stack no-exec patch). If RedHat
provides some option for disabling stack no-exec capability or disabling
systenter, you should use these options.

As on real processor specified limit is ignored anyway (thus causing
their no-exec patch being actually disabled on real processors by first
syscall task does after task switch) I do not know what's purpose of
that change anyway...

Looks like Fedora could possibly make VMware happy without adverse
effects on real processors, but kernel hackers will have to make that


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