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Re: Scanner Frustration

Michael Styne wrote:
I have been trying to get my Epson 1240U scanner (which works in everything prior to FC2Tx) to work, following bugzilla report 121511. It is not clear exactly what needs to be done that seems to work for some others. Could someone post a complete step-by-step process to this list that details how to get usb scanners to work in FC2T3?

Having a working scanner is a requirement for me to use FC2 when it is released.


Gerry Tool


Not sure if it'll help or not, but I managed to get my epson MFP working.


Things are a little different with the 2.6 kernel.


Thanks a million for your reply, Mike. The combination of changing permissions on the /proc/bus/usb/.... file for the scanner according to Jim Cornette and modifying epson.conf according to your instructions made the scanner functional. I had modified the epson.conf file to uncomment the last line (always worked before), but changing that line to just "usb" was necessary. I had not come across any directions that this is the thing to do. I wonder why this file doesn't get installed with this change.

Gerry Tool

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