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Problems with automounter and our site nis maps.

Our site has many existing nis maps for autofs.  The autofs/kernel with
Fedora Core 1 used the existing maps with no difficulty.  With Fedora
Core 2, we have issues with mount options which used to be silently
ignored.  Specifically, we have maps with the quota, noquota, or grpid
mount options.  These do apply to the Irix, sunos, solaris, or unicos
systems we have and our IS is reluctant to remove those options.

I believe the source of the problem is the kernel NFS implementation
no longer silently ignores these options.  Is that correct?  If so,
can that be disabled?  Is there any way I can work around this with
any automount options that say ignore these options?  Can I kludge
around it with any sort of shell script that is used instead of ypcat
that sed's off the grpid, quota, or noquota options?

We have multiple levels of maps.  I did tweak the top level use of
ypcat to get rid of the quota, grpid, noquota options, but then
the second and other levels of mappings fail.  Any ideas?

Robin Holt

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