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Re: Scanner Frustration

Read my email again: the current console user gets ownership of the
device *when it is plugged in*. The chown happens at the point of
inserting the device

The phrase "when it is plugged in" has at least two interpretations: 1) the dynamic event of inserting the device 2) the static condition of having an existing connection So, further explanation is necessary to clarify the meaning.

-- so if it is always plugged in, root gets it at
boot time (in absence of there actually being a console user).

So, if you unplug the cable and re-insert it, things should work.

I know it isn't ideal: as I said, suggestions for fixing it are

/etc/sysconfig/hwconf has a list of devices that kudzu records at boot, and my USB scanner and USB mouse, which remain plugged in at all times, appear in that list. Why not simulate a hotplug event based on [some of] the devices listed in hwconf? I observe that logging in on the console PS2 keyboard+display causes usb.agent to be called for my USB mouse, although agent finds no matches, and nothing changes. This seems peculiar to me: I never unplug or re-plug the mouse. [My mouse is actually a Logitech trackball: 0x046d/0xc404.]

John Reiser, jreiser BitWagon com

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