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Re: Mozilla - Firefox - Epiphany discrepancies

On 05/07/04 05:53, Elaine Normandy wrote:
>When I try to administer my website on my ISP (which uses CPanel, lots
>of javascript) Mozilla takes an extremely long time to load the pages.
>At first, I thought my ISP had slowed down, and cursed them rather than
>Mozilla.  However, both Epiphany and Firefox load the site quickly.
>The only other discrepancy I have noticed is that I can use Epiphany to
>check boxes when I update my patron account at my local library, and
>Mozilla doesn't do the exact function.  (This site also seems to use
>I am baffled by this behavior, because I assume since they all use the
>same gecko engine, they would all be handling javascript the same way.
>Any insights?  I am running an up2date version of a clean install of

It is really hard to say much without knowing the sites.  But I
just evaluated Mozilla and Firefox (and Opera), for Linux, for
Penn's browser evaluation process, and I found no such
differences on quite a number of sites (and I use JavaScript
extensively in my research, so I would have noticed a problem in
Mozilla, which is my default browser).

Some suggestions:

First, check your preferences and make sure they are the same.
You might, for example, have Mozilla set to load the page every
time, while the others are set to load it once per session or
less.  You might also have set some sort of proxy setting that
you don't need.

Second, try a later version of Mozilla.  1.6 is pretty old.  The
pre-release of 1.7 is very good.  I use the nighly builds of 1.8
and they are fine.  (Just get the tar.gz file.  Unzip it in your
home directory, and run it from there: mozilla/mozilla.  I have a
button for it.)  But I really doubt this is the problem.
JavaScript has changed very little.

Third, look at what else the pages have.  For example, if they
contain Java, and you are using different versions of Java or
none at all, that could slow things down.

If you can provide url's, I could explore further, but probably
you need passwords.

Jonathan Baron, Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
Home page:            http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~baron

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