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Re: cyrus-imap

On 2004.05.07 15:12, Russell Coker wrote:
On Fri, 7 May 2004 14:20, Ken Snider <ksnider flarn com> wrote:
> Anyone have any information (anecdotal or otherwise) on the
performance of
> cyrus versus UW-IMAPd on really big mailboxes (more than 1 gig/30k
> messages)? Or is this exclusively a function of mailbox format?

If you use mbox or mbox+ formats then performance will suck terribly on large mail boxes. For decent performance you need either Maildir or a database, although I suspect that most mail servers will have some performance issues with such a large mailbox regardless of format.

The recommended mailbox format for UW-IMAP is mbx - other mailbox formats are just for compatibility with other software. What is the mbox+ format that you are referring to? I do not see it mentioned in the list of mailbox formats supported by UW-IMAP[1].

Regarding the performance, it really depends on what you do. Cyrus makes it easier to setup large "sealed" imap servers, tends to use less memory per connection (the difference - from my experience - is not large) and usually opens mailboxes bit faster. On the other hand, if you do lot of searches, UW-IMAP is definetely superior. Otherwise, they are pretty similar.


[1]. http://www.washington.edu/imap/documentation/drivers.txt.html

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