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dmesg message is confusing me


One of the items I've noticed in /var/log/dmesg, is that while I'm 
supposedly running everything in EXT3 mode, I'm seeing this message 
in the logs when I boot:

date etc EXT2-fs Warning (device hda8) ext2_fill_super: mounting EXT3 
filesystem as EXT2

A bit further on, it notes that all the other partitions are being 
mounted EXT3.

A rerun of tune2fs -j /dev/hda8 returns that the journal already 

Whats the correct way to fix this?  I hope its fixable, we're having 
some local weather and while I was putting something away in another 
shed, the shop computer was apparently reset and killed by a power 
bump in that one minute 30 I was gone.  That'll be a good use for my 
spare UPS I guess.  Now of course is too late. :(

Cheers, Gene
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