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mplayer prelink

i found this on the mplayer faq:


Why doesn't MPlayer work on Fedora Core?


There is a bad interaction on Fedora between exec-shield, prelink, and
any applications which use Windows DLLs (such as MPlayer).

The problem is that exec-shield randomizes the load addresses of all the
system libraries. This randomization happens at prelink time (once every
two weeks).

When MPlayer tries to load a Windows DLL it wants to put it at a
specific address (0x400000). If an important system library happens to
be there already, MPlayer will crash. (A typical symptom would be a
segmentation fault when trying to play Windows Media 9 files.)

If you run into this problem you have two options:

      * Wait two weeks. It might start working again.
      * Relink all the binaries on the system with different prelink
        options. Here are step by step instructions:
             1. Edit /etc/syconfig/prelink and change
                PRELINK_OPTS="-mR --no-exec-shield"
             2. touch /var/lib/misc/prelink.force
             3. /etc/cron.daily/prelink (This relinks all the
                applications, and it takes quite a while.)
             4. execstack -s /path/to/mplayer (This turns off
                exec-shield for the MPlayer binary.)

why isnt these settings made by default. mplayer does'nt work well
without these settings

Alex Thomsen Leth

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