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Re: Looking for opinions...

Am Mo, den 10.05.2004 schrieb Neil B. Cohen um 01:56:
> Now I'm in the market for a printer/scanner/copier and I've been looking
> at some machines from HP. 

If you are looking for a combi, HP is your only choice. As to my
knowledge none of the other products (Canon, Lexmark,...) are supported
by Linux.

I have an older G85 here and it works just fine. Configuration is a
little bit tricky (unless you are using Mandrake which does a superb
configuration totally automatically - great!)

The downsides are the cost for the ink cardridges (at least for my older
model - check it carefully) and the quality of the scanner. It is ok for
simple document handling.

If you have to print a lot of material, separate devices may save you a
lot of money. If you need colour printouts a Canon printer may be yours
(least price per page). But it needs special, non OSS drivers.


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