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Re: cyrus-imap

Am Mo, den 10.05.2004 schrieb Chris Kloiber um 01:43:

> Then log in with the password you created with saslpasswd2.
> I was able to create mailboxes for users with no entries in /etc/passwd
> on the system, and access them from evolution. I was *NOT* able to
> delete those accounts using 'dm username' I keep getting 'permission
> denied'. That's something I'm probably not doing right.

> Chris Kloiber

That is a security feature. This avoids that users accidentally delete
their mail account. The cyrus-imapd superuser would have to change the
permissions. But even if you delete the mailbox inside cyrus the
authentification data will persist in the sasldb(2) database unless root
deletes the user. And the cyrus-imapd should be compiled with the
autocreate patch, so that for users with login data the INBOX will be
created automagically on first login/delivery.


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