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Re: cyrus-imap

Am Mo, den 10.05.2004 schrieb Chris Kloiber um 06:09:

> Things like this beg adding (commented out, perhaps) in the default
> sendmail.mc. Can you bugzilla please. If there are postfix changes
> necessary, bug that one too.

> Chris Kloiber

Hi Chris,

you are absolutely right. I just filed following bugzilla RFEs:

1) Sendmail ->

2) Postfix ->

3) Exim -> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=122912

I hope it helps people willing to give Cyrus-IMAPd a chance. Its one of
the most powerful IMAP/POP3 mail daemons with much features. Though or
because of that setup is not trivial.


P.S. off-topic, but did you leave Redhat? I ask, because you no longer
use the @redhat.com mail address and I wonder.

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