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Re: CD ripping is broken on USB drives

On a related thread I handled several requests recently from users who were using cdroaster, which would crash after updating to Fedora Core 2.

Appearently, the initial setup you go through with cdroaster, to enumerate devices had changed.

So I simply reran the setup and deleted the old 0,0,0 device.

I think Fedora renumerated the devices on startup as now the CD is listed as 1,0,0 and not 0,0,0 as it was before. Now, the hard disk is listed as 0,0,0.

Since when did the hard disk now become part of the enumerated SCSI devices with the now deprecated ide-scsi=/dev/hdc kernel command line option?

Is this normal?


Jurgen Botz wrote:

Arjan van de Ven wrote:

this means something has /dev/scd0 open already, for example magicdev or
nautilus or ...

Naw, you don't get off that easy.  I tried it without X running
and I get the same thing.  I can eject my audio CD, insert a data
CD, mount it, unmount & eject, re-insert my audio CD and I still
get the same thing.

Could you just actually try it?  Try ripping a track of an audio
CD without sg loaded and tell us what the cdparanoia invocation is
that works.


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