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Re: Nautilus + TIF file = memory insanity

Billy Charlton wrote:
I have several TIF image files that were sent to me from a client.  I
think they were produced with AutoCAD.  They are viewable on Windows, and
from the GIMP.

When I open any Nautilus folder that contains one of these TIF files,
Nautilus immediately eats all of my system RAM and keeps growing and
growing until I can kill it, which is difficult because the system is
swapping like mad.

This is reproducible every time I open a folder with these TIFs.  No other
folders exhibit this problem.

I tried opening the files from the command line using Eye of Gnome, and
the same behavior ensued -- swapping and eating all my RAM.

Could this be related to thumbnail/preview generation?
It is a serious showstopper (for me anyway) since it renders the system
useless until I can kill Nautilus, every time I even browse to a folder
containing these files.

This is on FC2 Test 3 + all latest up2dates as of today, on a stock Dell
P4 desktop system.

I've uploaded a sample TIF image to
if anyone wants to try and reproduce on their own systems.  Keep a
cmdwindow open so you can killall nautilus!

Tested various programs with your file. PROGRAM Memory eog 650MB nautilus 666MB (briefly) 55MB (after thumbnail was complete) gqview 648MB gimp 115MB openoffice 249MB quickshow 1115MB (at first) 495MB (after fully loaded and displayed) Slowest app of all, and fails to close without kill -9.

It wasn't really slow for me, but my laptop has 1GB RAM. I am guessing that some common library used by most of these programs is really inefficient with this file. It would help if someone could isolate exactly which component it is.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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