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Re: Xsane

Brian Anderson wrote:
Perhaps because you can access it from the Gimp. I asked this same question in bugzilla and the removal is deliberate...

That's not a very sensible reason. The Xsane interface itself is useful without Gimp. For example, it can be used in the "Copy" mode to send a scanned document directly to the default system printer without the overhead of opening Gimp.

I just added a note to the bugzilla report 122985 to that effect.

Gerry Tool

Gerry Tool wrote:

Bob Gill wrote:

You aren't wrong. Xsane used to be in the graphics menu, but isn't. Like gnome-session-properties it mysteriously disappeared from the

On Mon, 2004-05-10 at 16:56, Neil B. Cohen wrote:

Hi - here's a dumb question - is xsane anywhere to be found in the
graphical menu heirarchy? I just installed a scanner, and I can run
xsane from the command line fine - but I don't see it in the start menu.
Am I missing it or is it really not there?

just reported as bugzilla number 122985 in case you want to add any comments.

Gerry Tool

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