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Re: Fedora on italian magazine

On Tue, 11 May 2004 15:03:59 +0000, Massimiliano Zagaglia
<massimiliano zagaglia futuremediaitaly it> wrote:
> I read Web pages with the distributions conditions, but I would like
> some confirmation from Fedora developers to not make errors...
> Another question: may I use the image of a hat into CDs label? Or it's a
> problem for Red Hat...

I don't think you want input from redhat's developers. You actually want
input from trademarks redhat com  This isn't a technical issue the
developers can help with, its a legal issue involving the trademarks.

And to be honest, the trademark guidelines as written read as a
document by lawyers for lawyers.

The intent here is to give you the ability to burn official isos to media
and be able to call them Fedora if you warrenty the media you are
selling/giving out. But the text on that page is a bit...dry... to say
the least.  You might want to add a statement like "distributed
by...."  to indicate that you or your company are the ones who burned
the images to disk. That way people know to come to you if their disks
do not work.

Here is a list of vendors currently selling copies, you might check
out what they do about branding:


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