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Needing missing version.h file in kernel-source-2.6.1-1.65

I have been trying to install the latest ALSA sound system from the
sources at alsa-project.org.
I need the kernel-source for my 2.6.1-1.65 kernel.  Having downloaded the
kernel-source rpm and installed it, then going back to the ALSA build
and install scripts (make, make install, etc) I find that it complains
of not having a source file for "version.h" in
Truly, there is no such file there.  I am wondering if the tree builders
and maintainers failed to take into consideration that the new
make clean clears out such files and so we are left with a rpm which
lacks all the files necessary? Not completely sure if I know what I'm
talking about, but am confused why this file would be missing.

Would it be possible for someone else with this same kernel rev to
send me a copy of version.h?


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