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Re: make vsftp more usable

>>>>> "HP" == Harry Putnam <reader newsguy com> writes:

HP> I've set every permissive variable I could find as permissive as
HP> possible.  But still on an anonymous login I can't upload anything
HP> and I cannot make directories.  In other words its really useless.

Odd; I had no trouble at all.  Just to see, I took a fresh FC1 install
and did the following:

yum install vsftpd
vi /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf
  enable anon_upload_enable and anon_mkdir_write_enable
mkdir /var/ftp/pub/incoming
chown ftp.ftp !$
service vsftpd start

Takes about 30 seconds.  To check it out, from another machine:

>lftp hurl
lftp hurl:~> ls
drwxr-xr-x    3 0        0            4096 May 13 03:40 pub
lftp hurl:/> cd pub/incoming/
cd ok, cwd=/pub/incoming
lftp hurl:/pub/incoming> mkdir blah
mkdir ok, `blah' created
lftp hurl:/pub/incoming> ls
drwx------    2 14       50           4096 May 13 03:42 blah
lftp hurl:/pub/incoming> cd blah
cd ok, cwd=/pub/incoming/blah
lftp hurl:/pub/incoming/blah> ls
lftp hurl:/pub/incoming/blah> put file
110211 bytes transferred
lftp hurl:/pub/incoming/blah> ls
-rw-------    1 14       50         110211 May 13 03:41 file

So files can be uploaded and the anonymous user can make directories.

 - J<

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