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Re: Intel 82801 sound problem

I am not sure how to get rid of the "Rumble", but if you open the
sound mixer {full volume control} you need to adjust most of
volume levels all the way up to figure out which one is keeping
the sound low. The "Rumble" may be from one of the inputs that
is not in use being turned up.

I have an Intel sound chip on one of my Mother Boards, and
after I tuned up all the volumes I could get sound when running
the test. The next thing you will have to do is enable the sound
server in preferences under sound. You may need to mess with
some of the application settings to make sure they are using a
compatible device.

Hope that helps.

jack fulghum wrote:

I have exactly the same "rumble" here on a Shuttle G-75. After various searches I am back to FC1 until release next week. Unless I have missed something (quite possible) it does not appear to be a known bug. No problem at all with FC1 but appeared with T2 and still there on T3 (did not try T1).


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