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Re: FC2 T3 release date of 5-18??

raxet wrote:
USB 2.0 has nothing to do with it. Since every install on any system I've
used P4P800SE or not had no issues with USB 2. However to placate the
masses, I turned off USB 2.0, found an archaic relic of the past, a 5 pin
din connector keyboard (M'Soft) and that STILL didn't change the fail of FC2 T3 on this mobo.



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raxet wrote:

It's very well documented in the bug. But for those who can't read my post:

It hangs just after initrd.gz expands, or rather it simply reboots the
system. I have installed each iteration of FC1 and FC2 other than the
infamous FC2 T3 and they all install or upgrade without a hitch. I have
Tested and retested the ISO's via mediacheck and MD5SUM and there is Absolutely nothing wrong with the cd's.

Either way when I brought this problem up earlier in a post to
fedora-test-list, Alan said to turn off acpi and such. Well I've tried that
to and it
Still won't install.

Also when attempting to access the bug I did post the server refuses my
access to 123067.




I had FC2-Test3 stall or hang, when I had a USB 2.0 drive attached. I
unplugged the drive and the install went as planned.

Did the original poster have a USB drive attached?

The FC2 Release Notes say the following:

Installation-Related Issues


Attempts to install Fedora Core 2 on ASUS® motherboards in the P4P800 series may not proceed past the "Uncompressing Linux... Ok, booting the kernel." message, making installation impossible. No workaround is available at this time. For more information, monitor bug 121819:


Gerry Tool

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