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Re: Realplayer9 ?? fedora2test3

This is how I got RealPlayer to work on FC2 (same thing works on FC1 by
the way):

1. Install the rpm rp8_linux20_libc6_i386_cs2_rpm downloaded from
2. Copy the /usr/lib/RealPlayer/rpnp.so to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugin.
3. Install the compatability lib compat-libstdc++-7.3-2.96.126.i386.rpm
from fc2 iso 3.


On Sat, 2004-05-15 at 00:06, Mark Fonnemann wrote:
> Hello-
> jim wrote:
> >I have just installed Realplayer9 and it does not have a rpnp.so to drag 
> >into /mozilla/plugins.
> >Does anyone know what the name of the file you drag into Mozilla/plugins ?
> i believe you need to install the RealPlayer8 rpm and then you add the
> additional RealPlayer9 codecs add-on. the rpnp.so plugin can be found in the
> RealPlayer8 rpm. i just recently installed and this was the method i used.
> perhaps, a complete RealPlay9 package exists but as of very recently, to the
> best of my knowledge, it didn't. i guess linux (unix) isn't a priority for
> Real, Inc. maybe someday we linux users won't be treated as second class
> citizens anymore... <sigh>
> mark. :-)
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