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Re: final release

On Sat, 15 May 2004, William Hooper wrote:
> Eugen Leitl said:
> > This isn't applicable for torrents and freecache. There's no point not to
> > open those once you have a master, and an initial seed community.
> Which would lead to a firehose of "I can't use bittorrent, why isn't it on
> the mirrors" posts.
> Is it really so terrible to wait a couple of days?

Yes, it really is.  Here the school semester just ended, and students
are away for a few days.  It's the perfect time to upgrade, and I'd been
planning it for this time ever since the 5/3 release was predicted.  In
another few days the users will be back.

Isn't the entire point of a torrent that it goes fast for everyone, and
faster if more people use it?  Wouldn't the mirrors get it faster that
way?  Though personally I have to wonder why mirrors still exist.  Those
who use them *should* be penalized.  Some random analogies: carpool lane
on the highway (2+ people in your car, you can go faster), automatic
lanes at toll booth (you pay faster, you can get through faster), ATM
machine (you don't need hand-holding, you get more convenient service).

Personally, I usually grab a copy via bittorrent and then give it to our
local mirror.

Damian Menscher
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