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Gnome vs. KDE Default in Fedora (was: Red Hat Introduces Desktop Linux Competitor)

While I prefer KDE, I'm not using it in Fedora because it's buggy and
sluggish, unlike KDE in other distros, like MDK, where it's received
more attention and tweaking.

That said, I'm glad that Fedora and Red Hat products default to Gnome. 
Why, you ask, if I prefer KDE?  Because, Gnome and KDE are the two main
desktops.  More users are likely to use the default desktop that their
distro installs.  Most other distros default to KDE, which will limit
the number of users who use Gnome.  Can you imagine if no major distros
defaulted to Gnome?

The more marketshare both Gnome and KDE have, the more they'll compete
and innovate.  So, I'm glad that RedHat defaults to Gnome, as it keeps
the Linux desktop market on their toes and stops one desktop from
completely dominating and then resting on its laurels, becoming boring
and dull.

For this same reason, I'm glad to see that Fedora also includes XFCE and
I hope it keeps adding the lesser-known desktops so people can try them
out, allowing those desktops the opportunity to attract new users. 

Now, if only Gnome would add full transparency options for the panel and
menu. That's one KDE feature I really like.  


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Date: Sun, 16 May 2004 16:51:22 -0400
From: Alan Cox <alan redhat com>
Subject: Re: Red Hat Introduces Desktop Linux Competitor
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On Sat, May 15, 2004 at 09:14:57AM -0500, jim tate wrote:
> Why is it, that Redhat so dislikes KDE? the number one
> choice of linux users.

I'm not sure whether KDE is the number one choice of users (or in fact
whether most users actually care/know). I am sure Red Hat doesn't

For business you have to care about stuff like supportability, what
wants and business requirements - like accessibility for disabled users.

> I read this article, and I assumed that they will still offer KDE
> as a optional install in Fedora2.

Fedora 2 has KDE, and I really don't see it going away 8). In fact FC2
added a desktop (xfce)


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