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My shop box, with FC2T3


I finally managed to get a cable strung to the workshop, and that 
machine hooked up.

So I started 'yum update' on it.  It got part way thru it, then there 
was a "connection reset by peer" message and yum exited.

On the restart, it took off again and refetched the file it was 
getting & continued on its merry way.  But that error has struck 
several more times.  Each time there is a 'can't get pid' line output 
to the screen before the proceedure continues, but it does continue 
from the machines own keyboard.

I just ssh'd into it, and it appears that yum has exited again.  There 
is no network activity and yum cannot be restarted again as "the pid 
exists".  An "lsof|grep yum" outputs about 2 screenfulls of data, all 
quoted as belonging to that pid.

Does yum, under those conditions of exit, not properly clean up after 

Cheers, Gene
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