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Re: FC2test3 - monitor goes off when X starts

Just an update, if anyone cares. I tried a couple of versions of Knoppix (3.2, 3.4) on the same system and in both, X failed to show anything on the monitor. Again, the text boot-up stuff was fine (fb) but no X display, although the software thinks everything is ok.

(also tried hard-wiring the horizontal/vertical frequencies suggested by Hannes Mayer, albeit in Knoppix rather than Fedora, but unfortunately no luck).

Tried swapping to a different LCD panel, which worked fine. Tried the original panel on another machine (Dell laptop with ATI card), it worked fine there. Seems to be a combination of the panel ("YPL8017"), the Medion GeForce3 Ti 200 card in the tower, and the 'nv' X video driver.

Since it occurs on other distributions, I haven't put anything in bugzilla - it seems most likely to be something in the 'nv' X video driver, or perhaps the DDC interactions between the monitor and the nVidia chip.


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