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Re: please stop...

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 17:07, Chuck Mead wrote:
> ...talking about windows!
> Sheesh... if you guys care so much about it go run it.

They can't run it, that's the problem.  I'm sorry to have to say this
but this is a test-list and a great many Linux users (myself included,
though I haven't had to boot in a while) MUST also have windows
installed because of certain apps, or requirements.  For instance I had
to have it installed to use Visual Studio for classes.  So it is a
legitimate issue if we regress to the point where people can't use both
without a lot of headaches (granted most are caused by MS).  People
trying to migrating from Windows don't need to be told go home or

> You guys have sent a big pile of messages about an operating system I 
> personally gave up on in it's entirety in 1998 and it's wasting time and 
> stinking up the entire list. If you just *HAVE* to freaking talk about 
> it then make your damn bugzilla report and talk about it there. There is 

As was pointed out there are bugzilla IDs open, but I guess some people
wanted to point out its been a problem since February (according to a
post, I don't use XP so I don't know that for fact), and they wanted to
air their concerns about releasing FC2 while this is a problem.  Which
again is fine.  This is a test-list and such threads will occur.  If
someone has a problem with the parameters of what determines a release
then again, this is probably an alright place to air those concerns.

> no reason to continue to discuss it here as every possible view point 
> (AND THEN SOME) has been expressed and nobody, anywhere is going to give 
> a crap if you're not going to deal with it in Bugzilla...

It's in bugzilla and has some dupes ;-)


(There a non-beligerent message from ME for once ;)

> --
> csm moongroup com, head geek
> http://moongroup.com

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