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Re: please stop...

Pedro Fernandes Macedo wrote:
Chuck Mead wrote:

Nope. They absolutely can run it and if they're going to then they ought to just run it and be done. What made Fedora essential? Nothing... if windows is essential then run it and to hell with Fedora... just stop talking about it in here. Nobody's talking about the technical stuff any more... they're all pontificating and they have been since yesterday. Crap on a crutch anyway!

'sides... it's my suspicion that the "essential software" they're all geeked up about is some kind of game.

First: they cant run. I've had problems with this bug and windows stops loading for good.... only doing some weird things (including swapping disks around) I was able to install windows and test3..

The point Chuck was trying to make (and I thought he made it pretty clear) was that this ought to be a bugzilla discussion, and everyone who has the problem ought to be filling in all of the relevant details of their system so someone who has the ability to fix it can begin to figure out its cause. The issue is not whether it should be fixed. The issue is whether anyone who has seen the bug will shut up long enough to submit a proper bug report and follow-up with whoever is assigned the bug.

I'm sure your bug is very important to you, but it is not worth this much disussion, if there is nothing new to add (like a workaround). Spend your time reproducing the bug and submitting a good bug report to bugzilla.

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