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Re: uw-imap from FC1 works on FC2

Rick Johnson wrote:

Will Backman wrote:

Just a note for those of you who don't want to change mail server
software just yet...
It looks as though the RPM for uw-imap from FC1 works on FC2. (At least
imap does, didn't try pop3) Perhaps this rpm can be submitted to
fedora.us as a starting point.
It is only version 2002d plus patches, and the current version is 2004,
but this might help us out until I (or anyone else) can rebuild from the
FC1 spec file.

Does this sound like crazy talk?

Somewhat - Dovecot (the new default) out of the box supports mbox. Only minor changes are required to transition from uw-imap to Dovecot. One may be the client mail prefix (which can be fixed in the config to behave similarly to uw-imap), and the other being the migration of the .mailboxes file to .subscriptions (to manage client mailbox subscriptions).

In the end, it's not a difficult migration if you're handy with scripts, and doing such a migration opens the door for many other nifty upgrades such as moving from mbox to maildir (to allow simultaneous mailbox access, etc.). The biggest benefit, however, is the performance increase your users will notice since dovecot indexes messages externally.


Except that we use some shared mailboxes, and I really like the mailadm group feature of uw-imap that lets mail admins log in as anyone. On top of that, uw-imap is quite well tested, and dovecot has some interesting "worries" listed on their web site. Not saying that it is bad, I am just scared of the unknown. uw-imap has a lot of documentation, including half of the Oreilley book managing IMAP.
I tried dovecot from FC2T3, which seg faults, and I had to download a version that backed out the last patch from the author to get it working. I guess once bitten twice shy.

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