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Re: howto get to FC2 from FC2 test 3

I changed my FC2T3 system to FC2 by going to the /etc directory, and, as root, changed yum.conf.rpmnew to yum.comf.

Michael Boord wrote:


I just installed Fedora Core 2 Test 3 last week.

Spend 3 days configuring it exactly as i want since it's being used
mainly as firewall/nat router.

Now i see FC 2 made final.....

Any easy ways to get up to date to the final version without reinstalling
completely from cd's ?
The box hasnt even got a monitor attached so i dont use KDE at all.

I see yum is still getting updates...

05/18/04 05:37:39 Updated: kdelibs 6:3.1.4-5.i386
05/18/04 15:27:24 Installed: cksfv 1.3-0.fdr.2.1.i386
05/20/04 05:30:12 Updated: gaim 1:0.77-2.FC1.i386
05/20/04 05:30:12 Updated: cvs 1.11.15-5.i386

So isn't there is way i can change yum.conf somehow
to start updating itself to FC2 final?

Elaine Normandy (Colorado Springs)
Weblog: http://www.stardel.com/fiveacres/

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