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Re: Difference Between Updated FC2T3 and Actual FC2

"Brian Van Grunsven" <bvangrunsven nighthawkradiologyservices net> asked:

> At the risk of sounding very dumb - what would be the difference between
> install of FC2T3 that has all updates installed and the actual release of
> FC2?

Basically nothing.
I do think there were a few 'installation' issues that would only have
been fixed if you did a re-install, but operationally, It should be the
If you've got a working system, and it "ain't broke"... don't fix it.

Having said that, I have installed the official release over top of my
perfectly working test release that I've been tracking all along,
I did it for 'peace of mind' sake... but I know I'm probably deluding

> Also - this may be a bit off topic ... but does anyone have a suggestion
> a decent dvd player and/or writer to run on fedora?

I have installed both xine and mplayer, they both work, and are both

> Thanks all - I've been reading through most of the posts and many have
> VERY helpful to say the least!

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