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Re: Is it safe to remove IPv6 from latest test kernel

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On Friday 21 May 2004 20:02, Stan Bubrouski wrote:
> I was just wondering if it would screw anything up if I removed ipv6
> from my kernel?  Will things break horribly?
> I hope this is the right list to ask this on, apparently questions about
> development absolutely can't be asked on the devel list or warren will
> got hitler on your ass without reading the e-mail.
> Kudos to those who don't respond with rude insults like Hitler Togami.

*cough* to answer your question, removing ipv6 shouldn't hurt things 
horribly.  Be sure to disable any services that may use ipv6, such as 
ip6tables or anything like that.  Of course this configuration may be 
largely untested so you may be wading into waters where nobody has an 
answer for you.

Also, comments like the ones further down in your email are a quick way to 
ensure that you won't be posting on any Red Hat list in the future.  
Please try to keep personal remarks such as those to yourself.  I don't 
care what you call people when talking to your cat (or whatever object may 
be in your talking range), but there is absolutely no reason to do 
something like that in a public mailing list.  Try to keep it professional 

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