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Re: YAST and YUM Front-end

On Sun, May 23, 2004 at 09:47:12AM +1000, Greg Lehmann wrote:
> I agree, but when I asked about yast being included on the Red Hat world
> tour, I did not get a positive response. I think they thought I was
> having a go at them.

The big concern I have about yast is mostly as a result of reading the
source. There are several potential sets of config tools around. Webmin
looks nice but isnt the worlds most lovable code, the gnome sytem tools
project has some nice bits but isnt really progressing.

Some of the Fedora tools are nice - the X one works well, the network
one worked well (its a bit horked in FC2 but hopefully thats just 
'needs an errata' stuff). Others are not so wonderful.

Personally I've always favoured web based tools, with if neccessary a
gnome and/or kde front end set that is basically embedded mozilla widgets
(or khtmlw). That gives you serial, web, graphical and command line
configuration in one

[and indeed in a previous job I used "lynx" on the serial port and had
 reviewers rave about the wonderful serial configuration ui 8)]


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