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Re: Scanner problem

Once upon a time Neil B. Cohen wrote:
> I recently purchased an HP 2175xi printer/scanner/copier. Hooked it up
> to my Fedora 2 test3 system and it worked fine. Got it to print and scan
> without any problems.
> I just wiped the machine and installed the FC2 release. The printer
> works, but Xsane tells me there are no scanners. The machine is attached
> to the USB port, and scanimage -L (run as root) tells me that there is
> (probably) a scanner on the USB port - but it won't actually scan
> anything.
> Any suggestions on what I need to do to get the scanner working would be
> appreciated. The printer still seems to be working...

Look here:

As a workaround: try to plug out the power connector of the scanner, and then 
plug it in again (all while FC2 runs).
After that, start xsane as normal.


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