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Re: Fedora Project Mailing Lists reminder

On Monday 24 May 2004 13:47, Elliot Lee wrote:
> This is a reminder of the mailing lists for the Fedora Project, and
> the purpose of each list. You can view this information at
> http://fedora.redhat.com/participate/communicate/
> When you're using these mailing lists, please take the time to choose
> the one that is most appropriate to your post. If you don't know the
> right mailing list to use for a question or discussion, please contact
> me. This will help you get the best possible answer for your question,
> and keep other list subscribers happy!

I heartily agree that folks need to keep their posts On Topic for the mailing 
list that they post their message to.  For the most part, the various mailing 
lists have a single topic in mind (fedora-test for beta testing of new 
releases and proposed updates, fedora-devel for future FC development, etc.).  
However, the fedora-list mailing list has a very large volume of traffic for 
for most individuals the signal-to-noise is not worth the effort and they 
unsubscribe (as I have).

Suggestion: create a few more mailing lists which are targeted for specific 
topics such as perhaps "fedora-config", "fedora-install", "fedora-hardware", 
"fedora-applications", etc., etc.  These might not be exactly the correct 
ones but I believe that some additional lists such as these could help by 
having a focused mailing lists with low traffic volumes.  While this will not 
eliminate Off Topic posts, it could help to minimize them by providing low 
volume mailing list directed toward specific discussion areas.

Just a thought ... any comments? 

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