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2.6.6-1.383 pxeboot files: call for help


I was installing FC2 on my VIA Epia M10000 board (VIA C3 CPU) through PXE (because isolinux complains about a buggy bios), and was experiencing the kernel reboot-on-load problem.

After replacing vmlinuz with vmlinuz from 2.6.6-1.383.i586, it boots fine and starts up the installer, but now the installer can't find my network card drivers (for installation over FTP). I tried extracting initrd, extracting modules.cgz and copying in the relevant .ko files from the 2.6.6-1.383.i586 RPM, but it doesn't seem to work - loader complains about cpio header. (Sorry I don't have an exact error message, but it scrolls by pretty quickly before the Installer starts.)

I was wondering whether anyone could easily build vmlinuz and initrd.img for pxeboot for 2.6.6-1.383, or already have a copy. If so, I would greatly appreciate a copy!

(I don't have an existing fc2 environment where I can run the anaconda-runtime scripts.)


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