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Re: megaraid 2 drivers for FC2?

Eric Wood writes:

Has anyone got a LSI 320 raid card going with FC 2 final or beta?  I just
tried installing FC2 final and it doesn't detect the controller with the
megaraid driver.  I was expecting to see a megaraid2 in the list - but not
there.  FC1 installed fine with the old megaraid driver.  Now FC2 doesn't
seem to even see the controller at all even with the same megaraid driver.
Perhaps someone knows of a supplement driver disk?

I had to dump this card back when I installed FC1 a couple of months ago, despite its claims of Linux compatibility. Although it would appear to initialize fine at first, any kind of disk activity resulted in random claims of random disk errors, on a randomly-chosen disk from a RAID-1 pair, resulting in a single disk operation from that point on.

The alleged errors were utterly bogus. The disks are fine (and are still fine today). An e-mailed inquiry to LSI's tech support resulted in a bunch of goober replies, which didn't exactly instill a lot of confidence in me. That was the end of the story.

Too bad. It looked like a nice card.

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