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Re: Yum repositories

On 10/04/2004 03:34:52 PM, ne... wrote:

>Does this mean that the livna-stable (and fedora-us-stable) entries
>should be remofed from my /etc/grub.conf ?
For the moment yes. Livna does not have a public FC3 or FC3 test
repo up as fas as I can tell.

They don't.
Most of the time, you can rebuild the livna.org src.rpm's fine. With some mods required for some things.

For gstreamer plugins obviously you should change the spec file to use the same gstreamer-plugins that you have.

For faad2 (on fc3t3 anyway) you should add the gcc34 patch (I grabbed the one that gentoo uses) or it won't build.

For gstreamer-ffmpeg up the version to fresh current and change



CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -03 -fomit-frame-pointer" %configure

Some of the other packages may also need some tweaking to rebuild in the FC3 environment. And that is probably why there are not (that I can see) public FC extras and livna repositories for FC3 yet - if they made them, some packages would break as testing goes forward with FC3.

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