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Problem with Volume Manager during reinstall

I have been playing around with FC3 RC2.

I did the following on a RAID5 Array
Created a Volume Group:  RAID5Array
In that VolumeGroup I created the following:
	Linux / 15000mb
        Swap    1500mb
        OfficeData  /home 841600mb
The system installed fine and booted up fine.
After playing around I decided to install again.

During re-install I chose to manually configure the partitions... everything looked good.

I then went to define the existing volume groups mount points. (Ie: Set the "Linux" LVM to be /)

When I tried to define the mount point for "OfficeData" to /home I received the following error message:

"Not enough space"
"The current requested size (841600.00) is larger than maximum logical volume size (262144.00mb) To increase this limit you can increase the Physical Extent size for this Volume Group"
The problem is the Physical Extent for the volume is set to "4MB" and there is no way to change it from this setting. (The pull down menu is grayed out.) FYI, the Physical Extent was set to 32MB when the Volume Group was initially setup the first time.

This is a BIG problem as I can not easily reinstall FC3 RC2 without DELETING the existing VolumeGroup (as thus the data). Which kind of completely defeats the apparent purpose of defining VolumeGroups and such instead of using the traditional parition.

Can anyone else confirm this problem?

--- Charles

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