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Re: Where is the kernel source

On Fri, 2004-10-29 at 08:12 +0200, Jan C. Brønd wrote:
> Hello,
> I have installed the FC3-test3 along with the numerous updates (dang that
> took some time) The install has been quite easy and it works pretty stable
> on my system.
> But to include some additional kernel modules (unfortunatly ntfs, and modify
> some USB stuff) I wanted to find the kernel-source rpm but cant seem to find
> it. Looking at SRPMS the size of the kernelxxxx.src.rpm file seems right
> (comparing to 2.6.9 kernel on kernel.org) but trying to install it does not
> give anything usefull. I tried rpm -vv and even though it is around 40M only
> very few files is extracted. 
> I did try download the kernel 2.6.9 from kernel.org but after compiling and
> trying to run it I recvie a kernel panik (I have the error somewhere at
> home....currently at work). What I did notice was that on entering kernel
> config (make xconfig) I recived a large amount of entries/flags that was
> unknown in the 2.6.9 kernel.
> Any suggestion what to do ?

I've written a manual to describe what you need to do.  I had to do
nearly the same thing with a few modules.  The manual needs some work,
and the more people take a look at it the better it will be.  It is up
on a bugzilla entry, here:


You'll want the attachment at the very bottom, there's HTML buried in
there.  If you have any comments, about grammar, flow of the document,
general wrongness, add them to the bugzilla or e-mail me.

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