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Re: Installing Fedora Core with root on Reiserfs

On Thursday 21 July 2005 10:04, Edward Shishkin <edward namesys com> wrote:
> My phrase "reiserfs.ko located on reiserfs" sounds bad, and I should
> clarify that the reiserfs.ko is contained in the initrd with other
> binaries/scripts, and this initrd looks fine from the standpoint of
> kernel/reiserfs, but not from the standpoint of grub/reiserfs-emulation.
> The logs obtained from serial console don't include anything about
> loading initrd, and there is the following detail: a dump created by
> debugreiserfs -d shows that the initrd (i_size: 1128235) is represented
> by an indirect item (276 4K-blocks), while grub found that this is not
> sector-aligned:

Might this be related to the size of the ReiserFS file system?

I tested installs with the default partitioning (100M /boot) which worked OK.  
When you had the problem were you using a larger ReiserFS file system?

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