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Re: Keyboard lights always on in F7T3

On 4/12/07, Allen Kistler <an037-ooai8 yahoo com> wrote:
Gerry Tool wrote:
> While in F7T3, all three of my keyboard LEDs are constantly lit.  So, it is
> impossible to tell whether NumLock and CapsLock are actually on without
> typing something.
> Do others see this too? If so, what component should a bug be reported
> against.
> This keyboard works correctly in FC6, Ubuntu and Windows.

It sounds similar to a kernel bug I filed a little while ago.
But at least you can still use yours.

If you think your bug is related to mine, you could add info.
If you think it's different, it's probably still the kernel, but I
suppose it could be hal or X11 stuff.  I think they both do some
handling on their own.  Do you see the problem in run level 1 or 3?

Both kernels I currently have in Test3 do the same thing; I also have a Test2 partition and it behaves normally.

When I first boot, the NumLock light is on, but the keyboard is actually in NumLock OFF.  When I press the NumLock key, all three lights come on steady and the NumLock function is enabled.  Further operation of the NumLock or CapsLock keys does toggle the function of the keyboard, but the three lights stay on forever until reboot.

I opened a console session with Ctrl-Alt-F1 and the behavior there was the same.  I don't remember another way to get to a different run level.

I don't think this is the same problem you are dealing with.  I'm still unsure what to report it against.


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