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Re: Interrupted upgrade from FC6 to F7 T4

José Matos wrote:
	I am writing this report here since I can not reproduce anymore the result.

I used the dvd version to update my laptop from an existing FC-6. While updating (760/850 total packages) the update stop and anaconda complained that the it was not possible to update because of a possible corrupted media.

I asked for reboot and anaconda never returned the output. I changed to vt2 where I saw (using top) that some of the programs that usually run in the post install stage were running. After waiting for more than an hour only anaconda was running so I decided that it was time to force a reboot.

What is strange about this is that the package that anaconda complained about was installed (redhat-lsb), the media check to the dvd returned an OK, and according to the last report left in the installation log there was a problem running a postinstall script.

I have used yum to update the system and everything seems to work as it should. The only problem of the interrupted update was that no xorg server was installed. After installing xorg-x11-server-Xorg everything works as expected.

have you filled a bug?

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