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Re: FC7T4 Install Failure(SCSI READ ERRORS)

On Mon, 2007-04-30 at 22:15 -0700, Sean Bruno wrote:
> Sorry for the late install folks, I know this is T4 and I should have
> gotten around to this sooner.  It's been a while since I've had some
> time to use a test release(I'm not sure where FC7T4 bugs go in bugzilla
> even!).  

We're always glad to have the help. F7t4 bugs should go under "devel".
This was mentioned in the release announcement.

> Not sure why I would get these errors on install, and I'm not quite sure
> if they are from my hard drives or my CDROM.  I _assume_ that this is a
> CDROM drive read failing.  I have a Sony DVD Burner, model DRU-800A.

It's pretty likely. It's amazing how inexact CD/DVD reading and writing
really are. If you're having I/O problems with a CD/DVD-based install,
the *first* thing you should do is try to burn another one. Even if "it
works in another machine", some drives are just picky about what types
of media they will read. Or sometimes they get a little overheated and
stop reading some types of media but not others. And so on.

If you still have trouble with the optical drive, you can create a spare
partition, copy the ISO on there, and install from that.


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