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Problems with mounting usb-storage partitions?

I have been having these problems intermittently, and have not been able to ascertain the reason: on a computer with a USB mass storage device attached, logging into the desktop does not result in the drive being automounted by gnome-volume-manager.

- After boot is complete, logging on to a console and doing 'dmesg | grep sd' does not list the external drives
- After power-cycling one of the external drives, now udev picks *all* the external drives up, and creates device nodes for them
- HAL (I'm guessing) does not necessarily sees all the drives. I have two drives, one a WDC MyBook external drive that is reliably mounted with FC6, and the other an Addonics drive cage that I use to mount an old laptop hard drive. All the Addonics partitions are mounted by g-v-m (including the Windows NTFS partition, with ntfs-3g), but I have to manually mount the MyBook's single ext3 partition.

What gives? The volume label is "My Book", just in case it's the space that's causing the problem.

Will bugzilla this, but would love a comment on whether this is a HAL-only bug, udev-only, both, or even mkinitrd (if usb-storage is not in the initrd again)

Michel Salim

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