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Re: liferea flakes only for me?

On Tue, 2007-05-01 at 12:45 -0400, Brian Pepple wrote:
> Yeah, upstream barely supports x86_64, so I'm actively looking for
> x86_64 maintainers that want to co-maintain this package since I don't
> have a x86_64 machine.  If anyone is interested please contact me.

I really like Blam, but (as I discovered soon after picking up its
maintainership) since it uses pre-built Atom.Net and RSS.Net  libraries
(whose upstreams are themselves quite inactive, it seems) and doesn't
play well with multilib (as well as being a generally misbehaving
application), I've recently been giving up on it a lot and using Liferea
instead (Rawhide/x86_64 on an Intel Core2 Duo). If you need some
testing/debugging help, just tell me what to do :) - though I won't be
able to do anything *too* invasive or time-consuming until this semester
of class lets out at the end of the month due to procrastination of
projects and whatnot. T_T

[As an aside - though I'm happy to continuing maintaining it, does
anyone actively use/test Blam stuff that would like to comaintain it
with me or take it over fully? Alas, version 1.8.4 has a nasty crasher
bug that neither myself or upstream has been able to track down and
appropriately squish, so that's why the Fedora package is still at 1.8.3
(plus some backported fixes from 1.8.4).]

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