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Re: bcm43xx firmware is too old

On Fri, 11 May 2007, Clifford Snow wrote:

Received the following error message on F7 Test 4:
kernel: bcm43xx_mac80211: YOUR FIRMWARE IS TOO OLD. Firmware from binary
drivers older than version 4.x is unsupported. You must upgrade your
firmware files.

I am unable to find a newer bcmwl5.sys to extract the firmware with
bcm43xx-fwcutter.  If I find a driver with a version that should work,
it fails the md5 check.

Also, bcm43xx worked great under FC6.

Any suggestions?  I'm hesitant to file a bug, since this sounds like a
user problem.

This really depends on the model number and revision of your chipset.

I have a bcm4306 revision 2 chipset. The bcm43xx_mac80211 driver will not work for me. (The chipset does not have enough memory for the revision 4 firmware.) I had to blacklist that driver and use the old bcm43xx driver.

Later chipsets can handle the new firmware. It seems that there is a bit of overlap on pci ids involving this chipset.

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