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Re: f7t4 issues

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Skunk Worx <skunkworx <at> verizon.net> writes:
2) After yum-updating to the dev repos for core and extras (which are currently frozen) my devices no longer hotplug. Running gnome-mount using the [-p or -m, -d] options on the command line says :

Cannot mount volume.
You are not privileged to mount the volume 'USBDISK80'.

...for example.

User or root same thing.

This device hotplugged fine prior to updates, although it was not recognized at boot. Had to unplug/replug it to get a desktop icon.

# mount works fine.

udev-106-3.fc7 is messed up, there's a fixed udev-106-4.fc7 in the new Koji build system waiting for Rawhide to get pushed again, you can download it now from there, see:

        Kevin Kofler

Thanks this helps. The device still isn't found by gnome until the first hotplug event after booting.

gnome-mount -p USBDISK80 silently fails after a reboot until I hotplug at least once...then I can gnome-mount/umount for the remainder of the session.

At least I think I used to get a desktop icon after a reboot. I don't reboot these a lot.

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