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Re: rawhide report: changes

David Timms wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Build System wrote:
New package php-pear-HTML-QuickForm-ElementGrid
    Meta-element which holds any other element in a grid

Please fix these reports to have a date in the subject.
Does the message indicate they are now available in the repo ?

That is what I expect when a report is send.

I would suggest that build system should not be allowed to make an updated package available without at least mention of the person who instigated it, and their comment {better - minimum 5 words}.

See the discussion in fedora-maintainers list about this.

ps: I see lots of package updates from non-redhat staff :-) This merge thing is really in action !!!

Previously the extras-devel report where people outside of Red Hat were committing changes were send to the fedora-extras list. The merge just adds more visibility. A better measure of the success of the merge is the number of changes and people outside of Red Hat making changes to the set of packages in what was known as Fedora Core. There are examples of that like KDE.


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