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Re: Install gives BSOD on Thinkpad T60p

Will Woods wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-05-19 at 23:27 -0400, David Kramer wrote:
>> This is my first experience with a testing release, so I apologize if
>> I'm not reporting this right, or not giving enough information.
>> I just got a Lenovo Thinkpad T60p.  It's got a 15.4" WSXGA+
>> TFT/1680x1050 (16:10) screen driven by a ATI Mobility Fire GL V5250 256MB.
>> When I attempt a graphical install of F7-test4, after the few initial
>> "Loading..." screens, I get a few flashes with pretty patterns, then the
>> screen turns all blue with no writing, and stays that way indefinitely.
> Hmm. Sounds like it could be this bug:
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=239605
> Have you tried putting "resolution=1680x1050" on the commandline when
> you boot? (I think just need to hit 'Tab' to edit the boot line)

Thanks.  I read that bug report, but this is different,  my screen ends
up completely blue with no text on it at all.  Not garbled, blank.

I did try the resolution line anyway, and there was no difference.

> If that doesn't help, you might try downloading the latest Live image
> from http://torrent.fedoraproject.org/ and see if that's any different.

Just did it.  No different.

I was able to tease some more information out of the stdout and logfile
though.  There were lots of errors about the font path and missing
directories.  Could it be trying to find fonts suitable for that
resolution or aspect ratio and failing?

The error at the end is "could not open default font 'fixed'"

Shortly before that, though is "error while retrieving Xinerama

However some people suggested changing the xorg.conf to disable
Composite.  That gets rid of the Xinerama error, but all the font
failures still happen.

I've also been posting about it here:

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