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Re: From Rawhide to Moonshine

however there's something i'm not sure of: the pre-realease versions ofthe packages are compiled with debugging afaik, so just updating the fedora-release wil not imho get rid of debugging symbols, right? and until _all_ the old packages are updated there will still be a performance penalty ....

2007/5/31, Gianluca Sforna <giallu gmail com>:
On 5/31/07, Niels Weber <nathelbiya gmail com> wrote:
> Hi,
> 2007/5/31, Oliver Ruebenacker <curoli gmail com>:
> > I am sure some one has asked this before, but I can not find it: If
> > I am on F6.93 Rawhide with regular updates and want to shift to F7
> > Moonshine, what do I need to do? Will it update automatically into the
> > release version, or will I continue on Rawhide if I do not interfere
> > with the updates? If I want to end up with the F7 Moonshine release
> > version, do I need to: (a) do nothing, let the updater do its job (b)
> > modify the updater (c) boot from an install disk (d) take some other
> > action. Thanks!
> considering that regular updating today will already take you past F7
> and into the new Rawhide, it seems safe to say that you have to do
> something. I am not sure what though. I guess, one can get a
> fedora-release RPM somewhere what will do the job?

this should do:

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