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Re: Need assistance

On Wed, 12 Mar 2008 18:16:56 -0700 (PDT), Arne Chr. Jorgensen wrote:

> For more then 1 year, I have not been able to download email. Imagine having to
> browse the wikipages with lynx, or a desktop in which most buttons fall outside the
> screen. Imagine installing fedora under such circumstances. 

What was your computer running before that? Very likely you could have
returned to the older installation (or live-CD/DVD) that works. Rawhide
doesn't work for me either, currently, but Fedora 8 and older and many
other distribution releases all install and work.

> I did manage to get something from rawhide with only "half" answers as
> what to do, an attempt to recreate the missing parts. 

You can also improve the communication on your part before complaining
about "half answers". Surely you could trim your messages, reply _below_
quotes instead of above a complete message, and be clear and precise.
Avoid vulgar language. To Threaten the readers of your messages that you
leave and install a different Linux distribution, if you don't get
dedicated support by email, won't increase the number of helpful responses

> When I ask about such things like, could someone please give me an example of
> the command line for the python.bugzilla I did install, as all I get is: 
> xmlrpclib.ProtocolError: <ProtocolError for bugzilla.redhat.com/xmlrpc.cgi: 500 Internal Server Error>

It is a program like many others. Additionally, it's brand-new and
probably suffers from bugs and not enough testing. At some future point of
time, it will need to evaluate the server's error return codes and try to
handle them.  Sometimes, however, the client program can't do much more
than wait a bit and try again and if subsequent attempts at communicating
with the server fail, too, nothing else is left than displaying the error
message to you. "500 Internal Server Error" is something you can also see
in Firefox under the right circumstances.

> When I ask, what is it suppose to output - the answer is that use a script, while
> they are not willing to share or tell you what it is. 

In case you refer to me here, you've misunderstood it. I've never suggested
using a script instead of visiting bugzilla.redhat.com with your favourite
browser. I've only pointed out that nowadays bugzilla.redhat.com is
slow and less convenient to use. To a certain level where I believe more
users than before consider it a hurdle. In other words, I've confirmed
that you're not alone with your impressions of the bugzilla web interface
not being easy and fast to use. You've got to live with it unless you find
an alternative solution that works for you.

> When things crashed, I got a temporary solution in receiving your emails, but
> without access to download it. I asked if you had archeives, if there was a treaded
> list, - but no, answer I got was "don't think so, and besides the things change
> so fast, why bother ?"  

That was wrong advise, then. Instead of waiting for somebody else to tell
you that there are full list archives in mbox format, you could have
visited the address at the bottom of every message and learn about the
list, its archives, and lots of other options yourself. Sure, it's
misleading that the footer reads "To unsubscribe:" near that address, but
if it didn't, too many other subscribers would ask how to unsubscribe.
In the past, it has been suggested a few time to change it to:

Click here:


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